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Posted March 25, 2011 01:50PM
Legacy points : How they work

As the seasons pass you’ll be able to gain legacy points that are used to obtain special bonuses, which will give you advantages over your enemies in combat.

Everybody who has finished a world in season 1 will obtain their share of these precious points, depending on their performance in the season, that they can use to “purchase” the abilities they like the most. There are 18 abilities in total, of which you can use up to 4 simultaneously. Every legacy ability has 10 levels, rising in value due to increased bonus effect. It’s up to you to find the best combination of them that fits your playing style.

This Legacy bonus takes into consideration three factors

- Your ranking
- Your union
- Number of Grails in your alliance

First of all, the points represent an average of your performance during the War of Tears. Once the world is ended, your scores are compared with those of other players and a classification is made, which will determine your winnings.


Only your best ranking in one of three paths (Domination, Wealth and Honor) will be considered for your legacy.

- 01 to 10 gives 100 points
- 11 to 50 gives 80 points
- 51 to 100 gives 70 points
- 101 to 500 gives 50 points
- 501 to 1000 gives 40 points
- 1001 to 3000 gives 30 points


Union bonus will allow you to win a maximum of 60 points.

A Union is made by sending an invitation to another player via your profile. If it is accepted the pact is signed and can only be broken by mutual agreement. You can choose any other player for the Union: Ally, opponent, a member of your alliance or an an unknown player.

For optimal Legacy bonuses some matches are better than others.
Two factors are taken into consideration: equilibrium between Paths and compatibility between Factions.

Compatibility between Factions

The perfect compatability of factions gives 30 points :
Haven : Haven, Academy ou Sylvan.
Academy : Academy ou Haven.
Necropolis : Necropolis ou Inferno.
Inferno : Inferno ou Necropolis.
Sylvan : Sylvan ou Haven.

Moderate compatability: 20 points
Haven: Necropolis.
Academy : Inferno ou Sylvan.
Necropolis : Haven.
Inferno : Academy ou Sylvan.
Sylvan : Inferno ou Academy.

Opposed factions : 10 points
Haven : Inferno.
Academy : Necropolis.
Necropolis : Academy ou Sylvan.
Inferno : Haven.
Sylvan : Necropolis.

Equilibrium between Paths:

The best Path match is found with a player who has an opposite playing style to your own. As an example, if you favor Domination consistently and secondly follow Wealth, you want to unite your dynasty with someone who privileges Honor, the Path your lineage is lacking. For an even more optimal matching, that player's secondary path would also be Wealth, making your Union perfectly balanced.
During the war of tears your profile will display a number beside each of the three rankings, this shows which is your strongest and weakest and is an average across the whole war of tears.

D = Domination
W = Wealth
H = Honor

Union with players who gives 30 points :


Union with players who gives 10 points :


All other unions will give you 20 points

Once these points calculated, we add them together. (ranking + union)

Number of Grails in your alliance

This counts grails in your alliance, not just those you have produced.

Number of Grails will be a multiplier.
We will calculate the Grail value.
According to the type of your grail ( built with a stolen tear, with a tear that you've found by you own or if you've lost a Grail), the value will be different.

Grail built with a normal* tear will be counted as 1
built with a stolen tear will be counted as 0.6
Grail built with a normal* tear but lost, destroyed by an opponent will be counted as 0.4.
It's still a goode idea to buidt a grail even if you will lost it as this will give you legacy still.

Let's try to find a grail value, 'G' value.

In this example, my alliance has built 2 normal grails, built 3 grails with stolen tears and lost 4 grails built with
normal tears.

*normal tear : tear that you have found by completing one of the three paths.

G = (1 x 2) + ( 0.6 x 3 ) + (0.4 x 4)
G = 2 + 1.8 + 1.6= 5.4

We have now found the G value 5.4

If your value Grail (G) is less than 5, your multiplier will be:
1 + (Gx0.2)

If G is superior than 5 (as mine), your multiplier will be:
2 + ((G-5)x0.1)

In my example:
2 + ((5.4 - 5) x 0.1) = 2.04

I can now calculate my points

2/04 x (union + ranking)

In addition, if your alliance have won the world, you will get 100 extra points.

Legacy points : Questions/answers

Can I combine my legacy from two different worlds from the same season?
You can't. This is the same for all seasons:
it is not possible to accumulate points in several worlds in the same season.

This means that I can accumulate points season after season?
That's right. It is even one of the biggest advantage of playing since a long time!

How can I spend my points?
In the Community part of the portal, you have a link called Legacy.

When I have to spend my points?
If you want to enjoy your legact in the next season, you must spend the points before you register. Buy your skills, you can change them as much as you want before you enter to the world. Once registered you can not change it for this world.

I play on several worlds season 1, can I use my points on several different worlds?
You can't. When you use a legacy by registering to a new season world, you create your lineage and you block all other legacies of the previous seasons, even if some worlds are not completed yet.
This legacy may be used in different worlds, if desired.

Here an example :
I'm playing on 3 differents worlds season 1

'Le Galop des Destriers', 'La Clameur des Inquisiteurs' and 'The zombie assembly' not finished yet.

If I want to register on a season 2 world, I will just have the choice between 'Le Galop des Destriers',
'La Clameur des Inquisiteurs' (Worlds already ended).
Then, my legacy from season 1 from the world 'The zombie assembly' will be lost.
I could choose to wait the end of this world if I know that I will win more points than I already have from the other worlds.

I want to change my skills bought with my points during game, is this possible?
You can not, the choices are definitive for this same world.
However, you can modify them for a future world (change it before you register).

I chose skills that affect my hero but I do not want to receive it in the first hero, how to choose a new hero?
It is not possible. Your skills will necessarily be affected to the hero chosen during the creation of your kingdom.

I do not intend to play in season 2 but I'll be back for season 3. Are my legacy points will be lost?
No worries, the points are still waiting.

What happens if I cancel my union with another player?
There are no bad effects, you will return to the same state as you were in before you created your union and are free to create new union with any player.

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Posted May 02, 2011 04:59AM
Union is calculated upon an average?
I mean if my primary path changes in the last 2 weeks but I had perfect union for a month then what will be the result?

Breaking a union makes it like it was never made?

Posted May 02, 2011 05:36AM
The order of your ranks are calculated from an average and your union on your rank order, so if your order changes in the last 2 weeks, so does your union (it will no longer be perfect).

Breaking a union makes it like it never was. There are no consequences except gaining less legacy unless you make another union.

You thought you had an army?
Posted May 02, 2011 06:36AM
Thanks a lot.

Posted May 03, 2011 08:11PM
player 341
Breaking a union makes it like it never was. There are no consequences except gaining less legacy unless you make another union.
At the moment ;)
Posted May 20, 2011 12:35PM
hello. if i have ended 2 worlds, let's say "the dragon legacy" and "the ravaged lands" , may i use the points obtained in "the ravaged lands for the "dragon legacy" season 2 ?
Posted May 20, 2011 02:38PM
hello. if i have ended 2 worlds, let's say "the dragon legacy" and "the ravaged lands" , may i use the points obtained in "the ravaged lands for the "dragon legacy" season 2 ?
Yes, if you didn't use legacy bonus on a Season 2 server yet.
Posted May 22, 2011 01:18PM
Let's say that I have spent all legacy points on Battle Spoils, and at the end of a fight against a great army, I will collect 1 million gold....

How will system store that amount of gold??? With a Capitol, I can store only 500k gold.....
So? It will be lost??

Posted May 22, 2011 03:59PM
As when you send a caravan to a full city, I suppose.
Posted May 27, 2011 10:02AM
Just copying this info from another thread to this sticky since it's vital when deciding on how to use your legacy points to know what heroes you can choose from.

Starting heroes for different factions:
Necro : Fanatic Sorcerer / Illuminated Protector / Mercenary / Pit Warrior / Senechal
Haven : Paladin / Warmaster / Protector / Mercenary / Pit Warrior
Inferno: Outland Warrior / Mercenary / Disturbed Wizard / Pit Warrior / Explorer
Academy: Fanatic Sorcerer / Arcane Mage / Protector / Mercenary / Wise Old Wizard
Sylvan: Illuminated Protector / Outland Warrior / Mercenary / Pit Warrior / Explorer
Posted May 30, 2011 06:35AM
In addition, if your alliance have won the world, you will get 100 extra points.
You mean that if the 6th place alliance is ending the world(13 grails) then that is not the winning alliance
But the one in the first place, is that correct?
Posted May 30, 2011 06:47AM
Also you won't get points from your alliance ranking
By what is said alliance ranking does not matter in season 1 and 2, but only in season 3
Posted May 30, 2011 07:48AM
Exactly! The S3 will last longer, from September until June next year and the first alliance that reaches 60M points will win the game. A normal grail will value 1M, a stolen grail 600k and a destroyed grail 400k alliance points. So you can have up to 20 grails but if you're under 60M alliance points you can't win the game. That's what I've read on the french forums.

Posted May 30, 2011 07:56AM
Season1 and 2 concept of win the game is be the first alliance that obtain 13 or more grails and maintain the number over 13 during two weeks. No rank relation.
Posted July 08, 2011 05:52PM
hm, what happens to skills purchased for a season 2 world, if it ends and you want to play season 3, after finishing the second season are they lost? Or do you keep them?

Haven't really seen anything about this particular thing anywhere. Since you can save up points and skip a season to spend them does this mean if you lose the skills / points u used for the second season?
Posted July 09, 2011 07:24PM
I've read on the french forum that for s3 you will have to choose 1 legacy (s1 or s2) but the devs didn't confirmed that rumor.

Posted August 25, 2011 08:47AM
This means that I can accumulate points season after season?
That's right. It is even one of the biggest advantage of playing since a long time!

Perhaps I can get clarification here, as I have been unable to find an answer my question elsewhere...

I played one Season 1 game and acquired Legacy points. I am currently playing three Season 2 games. I did not apply my S1 Legacy on any of the S2 games, and it remains unused. By the above quote, it is my understanding that I will not loose my unused S1 Legacy when S2 ends, nor will I have to choose one Legacy over the other when I begin a Season 3 game, but that I will have a combined Legacy (S1+S2) to apply to a S3 game. Is this correct?

I understand that I can choose only one S2 Legacy from the several that I am currently playing, once they end. One server is nearing the end and the others are still in competition. Once all 3 have ended, assuming that my Legacies can be combined, how will I combine that unused S1 Legacy with the one S2 Legacy that I choose to keep (keeping the highest S2 Legacy, of course)?

I would like to complete all of my S2 games before cementing my one choice for S2 Legacy, since I may earn more on one of the games finishing later. However, S3 has already begun, so it would seem that even with a combined Legacy (if possible), I'll be starting S3 at a disadvantage by waiting for all three S2 games to finish, particularly since actions in S3 are completed so quickly.

In the unfortunate event that I am unable to combine my unused S1 Legacy with a newly earned S2 Legacy, and would be forced to choose only one Legacy total to apply to a S3 game, there would seem to be only one course of action:
1) Begin a S3 game immediately with my current S1 Legacy so I do not miss the opportunity to use it and am not terribly far behind; and
2) Once all of my S2 games finish, having then earned S2 Legacy, apply that Legacy to a second S3 game.

I sincerely hope that my unused S1 Legacy will combine with what I earn from S2 and I am able to apply the combined total towards S3, even if waiting for S2 to finish will put me farther behind in S3.

Thank you for a timely reply, as my first S2 game ends this coming Tuesday (Aug. 30). If my Legacies will not combine, I would like to know before I miss out being able to use what I currently have.
Posted August 25, 2011 09:27AM
If you're playing on S2 but didn't used your S1 legacy before entering that S2 server, you won't have a S1+S2 legacy for S3, but rather a S1/S2 legacy to choose from! I remember somebody else complained about this on the forum and that was the answer he received!

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Posted August 25, 2011 11:55AM
Thank you!

I suppose that having to choose between them is better than not being able to use S1 legacy at all, although it would have been nice to have had more clarification on how legacy points affected multiple seasons a long, long time ago. I only played a partial S1 and was certainly no expert when it ended. I wasn't sure what to do with my S1 legacy, which is why I never used it. I figured I'd just save it to use along with the legacy I earned from S2 once I understood more. Had I known they would not pool together when I began S2, I certainly would have applied my S1 legacy to a S2 world. Now that S2 has ended, I won't have that chance.

I suppose I will have to play two S3 worlds and see how they turn out, although I would have liked to been able to use all of my legacy points together. I did earn them all and it seems a shame to have put so much time into the game and be unable to benefit from all of my earned legacy in the long run. Not to mention I've paid for it, since I have a subscription!

Just to reiterate, so I know I completely understand:
Because I did not apply my S1 legacy to a S2 world, when I complete S2 I will have two separate legacies. I will be unable to apply them both to the same S3 world, so to use both legacies I will have to participate in two S3 worlds. Additionally, since I will only be able to choose one final S3 legacy, I am essentially loosing either the S1 or the S2 legacy. However, when S3 ends, my choice of one final S3 legacy will have an increased bonus because of the application of the previous season's legacy.

Since I haven't used any legacy, I am unsure how the application will benefit future legacies. Of course there are immediate benefits by purchasing bonuses/artifacts. But when that world has ended, how does having applied the legacy benefit my new or ongoing legacy? So I suppose I have a few additional questions.
1) When I apply a legacy and purchase bonuses/artifacts, will those bonuses/artifacts, or their point value, be part of my legacy from that world when it ends, or are they gone, along with the hero they were applied to?
2) If I do not spend all my points, say I have 50 left after I have purchased bonuses/artifacts, are those excess points added to my future legacy? Or if I do not purchase any bonuses/artifacts (don't know why I wouldn't!), would the total be added to my future legacy?
3) What other benefits are there from using legacy season after season?

Thank you again!
Posted August 25, 2011 03:30PM
1. When you buy legacy abilities and/or legacy artefacts, those bonuses will be applied only on your first hero, your heir. Only the artefact can be placed on any of your other heroes that you'll recruit along the game's progress. Whatever you've obtained on a server will be gone in the next server you'll want to play in, but you can use your legacy on any server you play.

2. Those points won't be gone, just that you can't use it in the world you've spent it. The legacy will be merged if you used all/some of the points on a next generation server. Let's say I have 300 legacy points from S1. I spent only 290 for S2. In S2 I'll obtain 350 legacy points. Thus, for S3, I'll be able to spend 300+350, even if I didn't spent all those 300 from S1.

3. Having different opportunities in developing your main hero. More points = more abilities, stronger abilities, all in general, you'll be more powerful, but it depends a lot on how you play on a certain server.

You're welcome! ;)

Posted September 29, 2011 01:08PM
Some people at Russian forums say that they cannot spent the same legacy twice. When they use it in another world of S3 it is removed from fisrt S3 world. It is bug or policy changed?

Posted September 29, 2011 10:40PM
It's a bug.
Posted September 30, 2011 12:21PM
You sure? Our GM says:

"Наследие можно переиспользовать, но оно исчезнет в прошлом мире, где вы его начали использовать."

"Legacy is re-usable but it will disappear from worls you used it before"
Posted September 30, 2011 02:48PM
Your GM is wrong. Today for example I've registered to that x2 S3 server from Russia (with small map and only 4 RF, but at the end of that one you won't get any legacy though) with the same legacy I've used on DL 3 East. And I've had the legacy on both servers. Maybe he was reffering to the fact that you can't use another legacy, just the one chosen for the first server, because it's now locked.

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Posted September 30, 2011 02:57PM
Ty ToniG for you information I'll add a link to this post in our thread. Unfortunately he mean exactly what I am translating - one can easly see this from other posts of the thread but I am too lazy to translate them all.

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Posted September 30, 2011 06:17PM
Are you sure it's not different in Russia? Maybe Vladimir Putin bought the rights and will only sell you them back for 1m Roubles in used notes.

Posted September 30, 2011 08:46PM
Ty ToniG for you information I'll add a link to this post in our thread. Unfortunately he mean exactly what I am translating - one can easly see this from other posts of the thread but I am too lazy to translate them all.
You're welcome Zarza! Your problem though seems really weird. Maybe different rules, but I doubt that since I could have my legacy there as well!

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Posted March 26, 2012 04:51PM
I have a question about the accumulation of legacy points.
I have completed season 1, season 2 and season 3 worlds and I had legacy points from all of them but I didn't use them. Now I used my points from a season 1 world and entered a new season 3 world. I got my legacy rewards from season 1 but the season 2 legacy points are gone in the legacy page. The season 3 legacy points are still there and still unused.
My questions are :
Why didn't I receive season 1 + season 2 points to use in the new season 3 world? Or is my understanding of the rules wrong?
What will happen if I use the season 3 points I have (or the ones I'll get from the new season 3 world) and join another season 3 world?
What will happen with the used season 1 points and the unused season 3 point when season 4 comes?
Posted March 26, 2012 05:30PM
everyy time you can use the earned legacy points (LP) of an finished older season (e.g. of a saison 1 when starting season 2), and after finishing the server you can use the used LPs and the newly earned LPs in the next season (e.g. you finished s1 with 100, started with the 100 LP from season 1 the new season 3, earned 150 - then you can use 250 in season 4)
in your case:
1. finish s1 with A
2. finish s2 with B, but without using A
3. finish s3 with C, without using A or B
4. finish s3 with using A, getting additional D
you can start a season 4 with
either A or B or C or A+D
Posted March 26, 2012 06:46PM
Thanks for the fast reply!
So B and C are pretty much lost for me, right? I wish I knew about this accumulation earlier (disappointed)

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